About the designer

       My name is Mohdiah Nasir and I am the designer and the founder of The Elegance of Black. We are located in Dallas, TX but, mainly this is an online store. I first started this business officially by the end of 2014 and beginning of the year 2015. I first started out sewing my own products and selling them to people that lived nearby, now alhamdulilah I sketch out my designs and send them to Dubai to get the abayas made. I run most of the business and sometimes when in need of help I have my family members who help.  The main goal of this company is to make young girls and women feel special and unique when getting dressed up modestly and still feel beautiful on the inside and out. Abayas don't have to be boring but rather instead a fun and an exciting fashion piece that every girl and woman puts on her shopping list as a must have. And also, we make sure that you are dressed modest but also up to date on new abaya trends in this fast paced fashion world. We do make handmade abayas made with crystal brass beads and many other products that will soon be up on our website. Hope you enjoy our website and feel free to ask me any questions at theeleganceofblack@yahoo.com.

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                                                                                                    Mohdiah Nasir,

                                                                               CEO and Founder of The Elegance of Black