Welcome to The Elegance of Black and An Introduction of the Poche Abayas

Welcome to The Elegance of Black and for those who don't know me, my name is Mohdiah Nasir and I am the founder of The Elegance of Black. Now to start of with this blog post did you see our new collection for winter 2015 and the abayas are called Poche Abayas, well these abayas are called Poche Abayas beacuse they come with pockets and pockets in french is poche, that is why it is named Poche Abayas. They are made with a rich thickflowy and soft fabric perfect for winter and comes with a rope to tie on your waist and a matching scarf, too. These abayas are the perfect abayas to create outfits with, I will be posting daily on this blog an outfit of the day. Also, if you have bought this abaya from our store and would like to share your outfit with us, awesome I will post it up here for the upcoming outfit of the day just send it to me by email at theeleganceofblack@yahoo.com and send me your name. Since this is our first post I have a picture of  my beautiful model Yara wearing the poche abaya in an elegant outfit. So here is our outfit of the day-

For this outfit you could use your favorite poncho and use a gold or silver belt to tie up the look and viola, quick and an easy to go outfit for the night out with your family. Very elegant and simple look.